Drugs and the Brain: from laboratory to clinic

Autumn 2023

The course “Advanced Skill Training in Neuroscience Courses: a Case Study of Drugs & Brain” has been awarded, by the FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training (FENS-CHET), with the grant for the “Education and Training Clusters” call,  aiming to stimulate and strengthen the cooperation among NENS schools. This grant is supported by the FENS  and IBRO-PERC.

European Graduate School of Neuroscience (EURON)
University of Crete, Faculty of Medicine, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
University of Minho, School of Medicine, Braga, Portugal

This multidisciplinary four-day course covers all major neurobiological aspects related to traditional psychopharmacological treatments and new developments in drug modulation of brain function (including classical neuropsychopharmacological agents, cognitive enhancers, illicit drugs and nutraceuticals), its underlying mechanisms, as well as targetable biological systems and processes (microbiome & gut-brain axis, the blood-brain barrier and neuroinflammation). The four days cover topics related to: Psychiatry, Reward, Psychedelics and Aging and Cognition.