EURON is a research and training network of eight universities in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This collaborative network started in 1995 and has continuously expanded since then. The establishment of EURON resulted in successful application as a Marie Curie Early Training Site in the 5th and 6th Frame Work Programme of the European Commission. As an established training site EURON has invested in an extensive international educational PhD programme that offers opportunities for PhD students to be trained in different laboratories of the academic partners. EURON aims for PhD positions between partner universities resulting in joint or double PhD doctorates. 

EURON PhD students may get an EURON Degree/Certificate, in addition to their local PhD Degree, when meeting the criteria (amongst others international mobility during their PhD period of minimal 3 months). EURON organizes PhD courses and workshops with input of the expertise of all EURON partners. Internationally established workshops are the workshops on Alzheimer Disease (organised as a satellite event, since 2010, at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting, USA) and the workshop on “Drugs and the Brain” in which academic and industrial partners are involved; organised since 2002 and in 2019 the 11th edition in collaboration with the University of Crete. The Drugs and the Brain workshop was in 2012 acknowledged as a FENS-IBRO school and was attended by 70 PhD students coming from 22 countries. In 2017 and 2019 the workshop was again awarded FENS support.