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Human neuroanatomy and its clinical application

Human neuroanatomy and its clinical application

Maastricht University, The Netherlands






Human Neuroanatomy will be postponed till after the summer recess.
Applications are still welcome!
If you would like to register for the course please send an e-mail to and we will inform you as soon as we know when the course takes place. 

The research institute Mental Health and Neuroscience and EURON offer a PhD course entitled: "Human neuroanatomy and its clinical application“. The course is intended for PhD students in the field of Neurosciences, neuropathology, psychology and psychiatry. The course will introduce the human neuroanatomy by lectures and hands on practical light microscopy and dissection of a human brain under supervision. Imaging techniques like MRI and PET will be introduced including site visits to the state of the art facilities. The application of these techniques to clinical diagnostics will be presented. The anatomical changes in selected diseases will be shown with hands on light microscopy under supervision. The correlation of human anatomy in health and disease to animal models will be discussed. In addition, the course includes an interactive seminar. The participants can choose a seminar according to their interests either on a disease, MRI techniques or model systems. The literature, on which the seminar is based, will be sent before the course.

The course yields 2 ECTS points.

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