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Summer Course on Fear, Anxiety, Obsessions & Trauma


Summer Course on Fear, Anxiety, Obsessions & Trauma

28 June - 3 July, 2020
Florence, Italy

This course is part of the Summer School on Affective Neuroscience, which aims at getting closer to understanding the mechanisms behind human psychopathology.

The Summer School provides an in-depth analysis of neurobiological mechanisms underlying emotional behavior as virtually all psychiatric disorders are characterized, or at least accompanied, by some degree of emotional disturbance.

The Summer School offers an ideal opportunity for clinicians, both psychologists and medical doctors, and young scientists to update their knowledge and expertise on the fundamentals of affective pathology. The teaching format is a challenging combination of lectures and small group workshops, with ample opportunities to discuss with leading scientists in the field.

The detailed program of the Summer Course is available on the website.

Applications can be made via our website.
Early applications: 15 April 2020
Final applications deadline: 15 May 2020