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21th EURON PhD Days

21th EURON PhD Days

23-25 September 2019
Location: University of Luxembourg

EURON PhD days (23-24 Sept) in cooperation with the PhD days of the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSEE) (23-25 Sept)

Doctoral Programme in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine (DP-SMB), University of Luxembourg in collaboration with the European Graduate School of Neuroscience (EURON)


PhD committee Luxembourg/EURON: Mehri Baniasadi, Daniele Proverbio, Ugne Dubonyte, Yue Zhang, Beatriz Garcia, Sonja Fixemer, Myrto Patraskaki, Assia Tiane (UHasselt), Melissa Schepers (UHasselt), Philippos Koulousakis (Univ. of Cologne), Dean Paes (UM)

Luxembourg: Serge Haan, Paul Heuschling, Alexander Skupin, Magali Guillaume (secr)
EURON: Gunter Kenis, Nicole Senden, Damaris Kentgens (secr), Peggy Bisschoff

In a nutshell the programme will consist of:
keynote lectures:
Prof. Keith Murai (Astrocytes and Brain Circuit Microenvironments)
Prof. Frank Hertel (Clinical Neuroscience)
Dr. Ali Jahanshahi (Deep Brain stimulation in Mood Disorders)
Dr. Mariana Cerdeira & Dr. Katarina Ebert (From PhD to Pharma consulting)
Interdisciplinary workshops
14 PhD talks
networking, poster presentations and social event

See the programme and more information

Venue: Belval Campus, Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg).
Abstract submission and registration: 18 August 2019
You may chose for an oral or poster presentation. In case you will be selected to give an oral presentation we also encourage you to present your poster. Abstract submission is via the website of Luxembourg. See under submission the abstract requirements.

Registration fee (not applicable for participants of the University of Luxembourg):
35 EUR for all EURON participants excluding the University of Luxembourg participants. The fee contributes for the dinner and lunch costs. 
Hotel accommodation on 23 September will be provided (for PhD students based on shared rooms in a hostel).

EURON PhD students (excl. PhD students of ULux) will need to register on two sites:

online registration EURON

online registration Luxembourg 

EURON seniors (excl. senior scientists of ULux) will need to register only on the EURON site.