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EURON Certificates Awarded

Dmitrii Pavlov
Maastricht University
The contribution of CNS inflammation and Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 (GSK-3)-cascades on adverse memory learning on mouse models of emotional stress
Prof.dr. K. Lesch / Dr. T. Strekalova / Prof.dr. L. Bettendorff
March 5, 2020

Stijn Michielse
Maastricht University
Road work ahead; cerebral pathways mediating Psychologival mechanisms underlying the psychosis spectrum
Prof.dr. J. van Os / Dr. M. Marcelis
October 19, 2018

Melinda Barkhuizen    
Maastricht University / North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa Double PhD Degree
Genetic and perinatal risk factors for movement disorders    
Prof.dr. B. Kramer / Prof.dr. Steinbusch / Prof.dr. A. Grobler / Dr. A. Gavilanes-Jimenez    
December 4, 2017

Iris Lange    
Maastricht University    
Should I stay or should I go ? Brain mechanisms underlying fear and safety learning, and explosure therapy outcome    
Prof.dr. K.R.J. Schruers / Prof.dr. T.A.M.J. van Amelsfoort / Dr. L. Goossens    
November 9, 2017

Roy Lardenoije    
Maastricht University    
A venture into the epigenetics of aging and Alzheimers's Disease    
Prof.dr. B. Rutten / Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. D. van den Hove / Dr. C.Lemere, USA    
September 7, 2017

Pim Heckman    
Maastricht University    
Targeting phosphodiesterase type 4 for improving cognitive frontostriatal function: a translational approach  
Prof.dr. J. Ramaekers / Dr. J. Prickaerts / Dr. A. Blokland    
July 4, 2017

Kay Deckers    
Maastricht University    
The role of lifestyle factors in primary prevention of dementia; an epidemiological perspective    
Prof.dr. F. Verhey / Dr. M. van Boxtel / Dr. S. Köhler    
May 11, 2017

Marion Levy    
Maastricht University / Paris Descartes Joint PhD Degree
Evaluation of BDNF/TrkB signaling as a common target in the treatment of major depression and Alzheimer's disease    
Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. dr. L. Lanfumey / Dr. G. Kenis / Dr. D. van den Hove    
April 5, 2017

Mark van den Hurk    
Maastricht University    
Neuronal Identity and Maturation: Insights from the Single-Cell Transcriptome    
Prof.dr. H.W.M. Steinbusch / Prof.dr. B.P.F. Rutten / Dr. G. Kenis; Dr. C. Bardy, Adelaide    
December 13, 2016

Joao Casaca Carreira    
Maastricht University    
Making sense of Antisense Oligonucleotides Therapy in Experimental Huntington's Disease    
Prof.dr. Y. Temel / Dr. A. Jahanshahi / Dr. W. van Roon-Mom    
December 8, 2016

Willemijn Jansen    
Maastricht University    
The Path of Alzheimer’s disease: from neuropathology to clinic    
Prof. dr. F.R.J. Verhey / Dr. P-J Visser / Dr. I. Ramakers    
November 25, 2016

Anja Moonen
Maastricht University
Emotion and Cognition in Parkinson’s disease; etiology and neurobiological mechanisms
Prof. dr. F.R.J. Verhey / Dr. A.F.G. Leentjens
March 24, 2016

Sarah-Anna Hescham    
Maastricht University    
Novel Insights towards memory restoration    
Prof.Dr. Y. Temel / Dr. A. Blokland / Dr. A. Jahanshahi    
December 15, 2015

Ehsan Pishva    
Maastricht University    
Environmental Epigenetics in mental health and illness
Prof.Dr. J. van Os / Dr. B.P.F. Rutten / Dr. G. Kenis    
December 3, 2015   

Romina Gentier    
Maastricht University    
UBB+1, an important switch in the onset of Alzheimer's disease    
Prof.Dr. H.W.M. Steinbusch / Prof.Dr. D.A. Hopkins / Dr. F. Van Leeuwen    
November 5, 2015

Martin Gevonden    
Maastricht University    
The odd one out: exploring the nature of the association between minority status and psychosis   
Prof.Dr. J-P. Selten / Prof.Dr. J. Booij, Uva / Prof.Dr. I. Myin-Germeys        
September 25, 2015

Nick van Goethem    
Maastricht University    
α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and memory processes: mechanistic and behavioral studies
Prof.Dr. H.W.M. Steinbusch / Dr. J. Prickaerts    
June 25, 2015

Nicole Leibold    
Maastricht University    
A Breath of fear; a translational approach into the mechanisms of panic    
Prof.Dr. H.W.M. Steinbusch / Dr. K.R.J. Schruers / Dr. D.L.A. van den Hove    
June 25, 2015

Eva Bollen    
Maastricht University / KU Leuven: Joint PhD Degree
Cyclic nucleotide signaling and plasticity    
Prof.Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof.Dr. R. D’Hooge, KU Leuven  
December 23, 2014   

Jose Luis Gerardo Nava    
Maastricht University    
In vitro assay systems in the development of therapeutic intervention strategies for neuroprotection and repair 
Prof.dr.med. J. Weis / Dr. G. Brook, UK Aachen  / Prof.Dr. H.W.M. Steinbusch        
December 9, 2014   

Sylvie J.M. Kolfschoten-van der Kruijs
Maastricht University
Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures; the identification of neurophysiological correlates
Prof. Dr. A.P. Aldenkamp / Prof. Dr. K.E.J. Vonck, Universiteit Gent
June 24, 2014

Sonny K.H. Tan
Maastricht University
The subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson’s disease
Prof. Dr. Y. Temel / Prof. Dr. H.W.M. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. T. Sharp, Oxford, UK / Prof. Dr. V. Visser-Vandewalle, Köln
May 28, 2014

Stephanie Vos
Maastricht University
The role of biomarkers in preclinical and prodromal alzheimer's disease
Prof. Dr. F. Verhey / Dr. P.J. Visser
February 20, 2014

Fabien Boulle
Maastricht University / Université Paris Descartes: Double PhD Degree
Epigenetic regulation of BDNF/TrkB signaling in the pathophysiology and treatment of mood disorders
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. L. Lanfumey, Paris / Dr. D. van den Hove / Dr. G. Kenis
November 29, 2013

Alejandro Gomez
Maastricht University
Novel strategies for making myasthenia less gravis: targeting plasma cells and the neuromuscular junction
Prof.dr. M. de Baets / Dr. M. Losen / Dr. P. Martinez
November 22, 2013

Mohammad Sajjad Rahnama’i
Maastricht University
Prostaglandins and Phosphodiesterases in the Urinary Bladder Wall
Prof. Dr. Ph. Van Kerrebroek / Prof. Dr. S. de Wachter / Dr. G.van Koeveringe
November 22, 2013

Ine Rayen
Maastricht University
Effects of developmental fluoxetine exposure on neurobehavioral outcomes
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / dr. J.L. Pawluski / dr. T.D.Charlier, ULg
October 23, 2013

Bieke Broux
University of Hasselt
T cell homeostasis: disturbed in autoimmune diseases?
Prof. dr. Stinissen
May 21, 2013

Marisela Martinez-Claros
Maastricht University
Hippocampal plasticity and corticosterone: From dendrites to behaviour
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. J. Pawluski / Dr. J. Prickaerts
May 16, 2013

Leonidas Chouliaras
Maastricht University
Epigenetic Regulation in Aging and Alzheimer's disease: a translational perspective
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. B. Rutten / Dr. D. van den Hove
May 3, 2013

Olga Reneerkens
Maastricht University
Can PDE inhibition improve cognition?
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. J. Prickaerts
April 18, 2013

Jeroen Bogie
University of Hasselt
Macrophages as mediators of protective autoimmunity in multiple sclerosis
Prof.Dr. J. Hendriks / Prof. dr. Stinissen / Prof.Dr. N. Hellings
April 10, 2013

Evi Vlassaks
Maastricht University
Elucidating the underlying mechanisms of inflammation caused by perinatal asphyxia and chorioamnionitis
Prof. Dr. J. Vles / Prof. Dr. M. de Baets / Prof. Dr. B. Kramer / Dr. A. Gavilanes
December 17, 2012

Gisela Wolters-Gregorio
Maastricht University
Coping after acquired brain injury: road to adaption
Prof.Dr. C.M. van Heugten / Prof.Dr. F. Verhey / Dr. S.Z. Stapert
December 21, 2012

Inge Klinkenberg
Maastricht University
Muscarinic M1 receptor modulation of cognition using a translational approach
Prof.dr. W.J. Riedel / Dr. A. Blokland
December 13, 2012

Marlien Aalbers
Maastricht University
Inflammation & Stimulation
Prof.Dr. J. Vles / Prof. Dr. M. de Baets / G.Hoogland / H. Majoie
December 7, 2012

Sabrina Schäfer
Université catholique de Louvain
Immunomodulatory properties of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells: influence on neuroinflammation
Prof. Dr. E. Hermans
October 18, 2012

Chiara Mencarelli
Maastricht University
Ceramide transporters in neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative diseases
Prof.dr. M. de Baets / Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. P. Martinez-Martinez
June 27,2012

Ali Jahanshahi
Maastricht University
Structural plasticity of the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems: a multidisciplinary approach
Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof.dr. Y. Temel / Dr. L.W. Lim
May 23, 2012

Frank Dennissen
Maastricht University
Coping with mutant ubiquitin in health and neurodegenerative disease
Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. F.W. van Leeuwen / Dr. N. Kholod
March 12, 2012

Jochen de Vry
Maastricht University
BDNF signaling and cellular plasticity: implications for depression
Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof.dr. M. de Baets / Dr. J. Prickaerts
March 7, 2012

Marijke Lemmens
Maastricht University
Focus on AD: Morphological alterations in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease
Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr.med. C. Schmitz / Dr. B. Rutten
August 12, 2011

Kathleen Vrolix
Maastricht University
The autoreactive B Cell response in myastenia gravis
Prof.dr. M. de Baets / Prof.dr. V. Somers / Dr. P. Martinez-Martinez / Dr. M. Losen
July 10, 2011

Julie Berger
Université catholique de Louvain
Influence of neuroinflammation on the regulation of glutamate handling in astrocytes, link with neuropathies
Prof. Dr. E. Hermans
September 29, 2011

Tomasz Jaworski
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Generation and Characterization of Adeno-associated Viral Model for Protein TAU-Mediated Neurodegeneration and the Role of GSK3 in Alzheimer's Disease
Prof. dr. F. van Leuven
September 20, 2011

Heidi Jacobs
Maastricht University
Parietal Matters in Early Alzheimer's Disease: Evidence from Structural and Functional MRI
Prof. dr. J. Jolles / Prof. dr. F. Verhey / Dr. M. van Boxtel
June 7, 2011

Sabien van Neerven
Maastricht University
Modulation of the neuroinflammatory response after spinal cord injury
Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. M. van Kleef / Dr. R. Deumens / Dr. J. Mey, RWTH Aachen
April 20, 2011

Tim van Mierlo
Maastricht University
Brain Sterol Metabolism Modulating Alzheimer's Disease
Prof.dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. M. Mulder / Prof. Dr. Dr. rer nat. D. Lütjohann, University of Bonn
September 30, 2010

Liesbeth Goossens
Maastricht University
The threatened brain: magnetic resonance imaging studies into fear and panic
Prof. dr. E.J.L. Griez / dr. K.R.J. Schruers / dr. S. Sunaert, KU Leuven
June 5, 2009

Wilma van Staveren
Maastricht University
Phosphodiesterases in development
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. J. de Vente

Ivona Brasnjevic
Maastricht University
Molecular and cellular alterations in the aging and Alzheimer's disease brain
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. B. Rutten / Dr. P. Martinez-Martinez
March 19, 2010

Thibaut Sesia
Maastricht University
Nucleus Accumbens Stimulate your Impulse
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. V. Visser-Vandewalle / Dr. Y. Temel
January 13, 2010

Maria de Gracia Dominguez
Maastricht University
A Dynamic model of the onset of clinical psychosis from an epidemiological perspective
Prof. Dr. J. van Os / Dr. L. Krabbendam / Dr. M. Wichers
December 17, 2009

Eva van Donkelaar
Maastricht University
Challenging the serotonin system: A mechanistic approach to the method of acute tryptophan depletion in rodents
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. J. Prickaerts / Dr. P.A.T. Kelly, University of Edinburgh / Dr. A. Blokland
September 17, 2009

Melanie Föcking
Maastricht University /Max-Planck-Institute for Neurological Research Cologne
Identification and Characterisation of Stress-regulated Genes in the Central Nervous System
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. D.R. Cotter
July 3, 2009

Roselie Diederen
Maastricht University
Biochemical and clinical factors in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
Prof. Dr. F. Hendrikse / Dr. E.C. La Heij / Dr. J. De Vente
April 5, 2009

Lim Lee Wei
Maastricht University
The periaqueductal gray and defensive behaviour
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. V. Visser-Vandewalle / Dr. Y. Temel / Dr. A. Blokland
February 5, 2009

Balázs Gaszner
UMC St Radboud Nijmegen
Plastic Responses to Stress by the Rodent Urocortinergic Edinger-Westphal Nucleus
Prof. Dr. E.W. Roubos / Dr. L.T. Kozicz
December 5, 2008

Evi Lemmens
Maastricht University / Hasselt University
Effects of Experimental Febrile Seizures on the Developing Brain
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. E. Breuls / Dr. G. Hoogland
November 26, 2008

Imke van Kooten
Maastricht University
Autism counts: Stereological studies on human postmortem brains and a mouse model for autism
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. H. van Engeland / Dr. C. Schmitz
November 6, 2008

Kris Rutten
Maastricht University
The effects of Phosphodiesterase inhibition on memory
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. A. Blokland
May 30, 2008

Matteo Bruschettini
Maastricht University
Antenatal Corticosteroids and Brain Development: The use of S100B as an Early Predictor of Brain Impairment
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. C.E. Blanco / Dr. D. Gazzolo, University of Genoa, Italy / Dr. D. van den Hove
November 14, 2007

Ellen Boelen
Maastricht University / Hasselt University
An in vitro and in vivo study towards the effect of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection on brain cells
Prof. Dr. C. Bruggeman / Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. F. Stassen / Dr. A. van der Ven, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
July 5, 2007

Yasin Temel
Maastricht University
The subthalamic nucleus: a novel motor-associative-limbic interface
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. E. Beuls / Dr. V. Visser Vandewalle
February 2, 2007

Aye-Mu Myint
Maastricht University
Neurochemistry Immune Systems Interaction in Depression
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Prof. Dr. B. Leonard / Prof. Dr. S. Scharpé, Antwerp, Belgium
January 18, 2007

Tom Vandooren
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Analysis of BACE and ApoE4 in mouse models for Alzheimer's disease
Prof. Dr. F. Van Leuven

Tom Vandebroek
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Elucidation of the molecular mechanism that lead to tau aggregation
Prof. Dr. F. Van Leuven

Guido Koopmans
Maastricht University
Therapeutic approaches and functional recovery in experimental spinal cord injury
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. B. Joosten
November 30, 2006

Paula Jansen
Maastricht University
Cholesterol metabolism in the brain: role in Alzheimer's disease
Prof. Dr. F. Ramaekers / Dr. M. Mulder
October 25, 2006

Ronald Deumens
Maastricht University
Transplantation of cell/biomatrix complexes in experimental spinal cord injury
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. B. Joosten
September 22, 2006

Bart Rutten
Maastricht University
Mechanisms of Neuronal Loss in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease
Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch / Dr. C. Schmitz
October 21, 2005

Stephanie Schäfer
University of Bonn/Saarland University Homburg
Role of copper and gender in Alzheimer's disease
Dr. T. Bayer
September 9, 2005

Oliver Wirths
University of Bonn/Saarland University Homburg
A-Synuclein, Aβ and Alzheimer's Disease
Dr. T. Bayer
September 17, 2004

Wilma van de Berg
Maastricht University
Cell Death and Synaptic Remodelling as a Consequence of Perinatal Asphyxia
Prof. Dr. C. Blanco / Prof. Dr. H. Steinbusch
June 12, 2003