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EURON/MHeNs Courses and Events 2016

EURON/MHeNs Courses and Events 2016

Feb 22-25, 2016    
From Human Neuroanatomy to Psychopathology    
Maastricht University
A. Jahanshahi, H. Jacobs, J. Mey, M. Moers, N. Senden,  H. Steinbusch, J. Vangeneugden    
Lectures on the development and cerebrovasculature of the brain followed by theoretical lessons on functional and structural MRI methodologies combined with visits of MRI and TMS scanners. Hands-on training on the neuroanatomy by real dissection ofthe human skull and brain and microscopical analysis of the human and rodent brain under normal and pathological conditions. The functional and anatomical concepts will be discussed during presentations on clinical neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, affective disorders and developmental disorders.    
MHeNs: W. Backes, D. Hernaus, G. Hoogland, H. Jacobs, A. Jahanshahi, B. Kramer, F. van Leeuwen, J. Mey, J. Prickaerts, B. Rutten, K. Schruers, N. Senden, H. Steinbusch, , B. Kramer, Y. Temel, J. Vermeulen / Other staff: R. Ravelli (M4I, UM), A. Roebroeck (FPN),
P. Namsolleck (Carim), U. Von Rango (Dept. Anatomy, UM); A. Heinzel (EURON, UK Aachen); Invited speakers:  
F. Michetti (Italy); P. Peters (M4I, UM)    
20 participants
1.5 ECTS

May 24, 2016   
10th MHeNS Topics in Translational Neuroscience Workshops “Recovery after stroke: a translational perspective “   
Maastricht University
M. van Boxtel, C. van Heugten, M. Moers, N. Nicolson, N. Senden, H. Steinbusch    
What happens in the brain when the blood flow suddenly stops? How can this phenomenon be studied and what are therapeutic options in the acute phases of stroke? What do we know about spontaneous recovery and which (animal) models are commonly used in research to predict recovery after stroke? Does enriched environment also stimulate recovery in humans? What are ‘best practices’ in cognitive rehabilitation after stroke and what can we learn about the malleability of the brain from developmental psychology? In this workshop, researchers and clinicians present their perspective on these themes and participants are invited to discuss propositions in smaller groups with peers from different scientific backgrounds.  
MHeNs: M. van Boxtel, C. van Heugten / Other staff: P. Hurks (Dept. of Neuropsychology & Psychopharmacology, UM), A. Sack, Dept. of Cognitive Neuroscience, UM), H. Schmidt (Dept. of Pharmacology, UM), M. Voorend (Dept. of Neurology, MUMC)   
17 participants  
0.5 ECTS

June 2-3, 2016     
ESM Course - Experience Sampling Method in Psychopathology: Opening the black box of daily life    
Maastricht University / P. Delespaul, I. Myin-Germeys, D. Op’t Eijnde, C. Simons, T, Lataster, W. Viechtbauer    
The Experience Sampling Method (ESM), also known as Ecological Momentary Assessments (EMA), is a mobile assessment approach designed to measure thoughts, mood, symptoms, and contextual information in the flow of daily life. The courses content: introduction to momentary assessment research, design, development of questionnaires, time series, devices, statistical analyses. Examples of research questions and workshops (discussion of research proposals-how can it be implemented in your research projects?)    
P. Delespaul, I. Myin-Germeys, D. Op’t Eijnde, C. Simons, T. Lataster, W. Viechtbauer    
23 particpants  
2 days

July 3-8, 2016    
Summer Course on Fear, Anxiety, Obsessions & Trauma   
Florence / Universities of Maastricht and Florence / K. Schruers  
This course is part of the International Master of Affective Neuroscience, a postgraduate programme by the universities of Maastricht and Florence, a combination of residential courses and distance teaching.Summer Course on Anxiety. The Summer Course on Fear and Anxiety aims at an in-depth analysis of the latest developments in the field of pathological anxiety, including phenomena that are related to anxiety such as obsessions and compulsions and post-traumatic stress. The following topics will be discussed: (1) Fear, Anxiety and Panic: introducing the concepts; (2) Panic and homeostasis; (3) Obsessions and compulsions; (4) Psychological treatment and (5) Stress and trauma     
MHeNs: K. Schruers, W. Beuken, L. Goosens, Other staff: D. Mobbs (NY), G. Perna (Como), S. Pallanti (Florence),
U. Lueken (Wurzburg), J. Zohar (Tel Aviv), Invited lectures: G. Goodwin (Oxford), O. van den Heuvel (Amsterdam),
S. Hood (Perth), F. Cosci (Florence)    
50 participants  

Sept. 21-Nov. 9, 2016    
Mindfulness-based stress reduction for PhD’s    
Maastricht University / L. Berk, M. van Boxtel,     
This MBSR course will help you develop mindfulness. Mindfulness is a skill that you can develop my daily practice in awareness and attention.     
MHeNs: L. Berk, M. van Boxtel     
15 participants   
8 weeks

Oct. 13-14, 2016    
18th EURON PhD days    
University of Lille /C. Lefebvre, I. Fournier, M. Salzet, P. Bisschoff, N. Senden, H. Steinbusch, T. Arab, A. Romero    
The annual EURON PhD days is a network event of all EURON partners. The PhD students get the opportunity to present their research via elevator pitch and poster presentations. The EURON scientists will give short oral presentations and a key speaker is invited.    MHeNs: J. Prickaerts, B. Rutten, N. Senden, H. Steinbusch. FPN: A. Blokland. Other staff: L. Buée (Lille), M. Salzet (Lille), A-S Parent (Ulg), E. Hermans (UCL), R. Jardri (Lille), N. Hellings (Hasselt), R. Bordet (Lille), T. Sesia (Cologne), A. Skupin (Luxembourg). Invited speaker: T. Mizuno (Kyoto, Japan).    
75 participants 
1 ECTS (+ 0.5 extra when having a poster or oral presentation)

Nov. 9-11, 2016     
Alzheimer Workshop Fast Track    
San Diego USA / F. M. LaFerla, H. Steinbusch, C. A. Lemere.
Organized by BrightFocus Foundation as sattelite event of the Society for Neuroscience meeting.     
Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or other early-stage scientists focusing on Alzheimer’s disease research, took advantage of this unique opportunity to accelerate their knowledge immersion towards becoming an expert in this exciting field by: connecting with preeminent Alzheimer’s disease experts and fellow early-stage researchers based in the U.S. and around the world; by participating in interactive workgroups and breakout sessions; and engaging in scientific debates.     
MHeNs: F. van Leeuwen, H. Steinbusch. See:https://www.brightfocus.org/alzheimers-fast-track-2016-0    
45 participants  
1,5 ECTS

Nov. 30, 2016     
MHeNs 9th Annual Research Day “The Building Bridges Strategy or BRIDGES - From Gene to Passion: do we understand how the brain works?”    
Maastricht University / N. De Vries, M. Moers, S. Guloksuz, B. Joosten, H. Jacobs, C. Wolfs, N. Janssen, L. Goossens    
Annual meeting with several keynote speakers and PhD student presentations in the form of elevator pitches and poster presentations. MHeNs: T. van Amelsvoort, M. van Boxtel, D. van den Hove, B. Joosten, M. Losen, P. Martinez, R. Rouhl, K. Schreurs, C. Simons, P-J Visser, M. de Vugt     
150 participants