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EURON courses and events 2013

EURON courses and events 2013

The first Neuroscience Maastricht Master Class: Neuroplasticity & Translational Neuroscience Maastricht
January 14th, 2013    
Topics: Mediating brain plasticity via BDNF receptors: Good or bad for depression; Thinking outside the Box: Stem cells for preterms?; Epigenetics and neuroplasticity in Psychiatry; Modeling neurological and psychiatric diseases using inducible pluripotent stem cells.    
H. Steinbusch, J. Prickaerts, B. Kramer, B. Rutten. Invited speaker: F. Gage (Salk Institute, La Jolla, USA)   
70 participants
0.25 ECTS

Course Evidence-Based Psychiatry    
November 2012 - January 2013 (8 weekly sessions of 3 hours)
November 2013 - January 2014 (8 weekly sessions of 3 hours)    
Maastricht University / M. Drukker, J. van Os, W. Viechtbauer    
This course is designed to provide an update on methodological issues and statistical approaches in psychiatric epidemiology. Topics include research designs, RCTs, confounding & interaction, relative risk, odds ratio, attributive risk, meta-analysis, interpretation of output of regression models with interaction terms (lincom), multilevel analysis, and power. Practical exercises will be done using Stata; an introduction course to this user-friendly software package is will be scheduled before the start of the course.    
M. Drukker, J. van Os, W. Viechtbauer
7 participants

From human neuroanatomy to psychopathology    
February 25-28th, 2013    
Maastricht / J. Prickaerts. B. Rutten, P. Aalten, H. Steinbusch, N. Senden    
Macroanatomy of the Human Brain: dissection; Microscopy brain structures human, mice and rat; lectures on neurodevelopment., cerebrovasculature, aging and pathology, cognition.
J. Prickaerts, B. Rutten, P. Aalten, H. Steinbusch, F. van Leeuwen, K. Schruers, B. Kramer, Y. Temel, M. Marcelis, M. Vlooswijk, P. Hofman, W. Backes, J. Mey, R. van Oostenbrugge; U. Von Rango & A. Herrler (Dept. Anatatomy, UM); M. Kipp (Aachen); Invited speaker: R. Goebel (Psychology, UM)
18 participants
1.5 ECTS

Workshop Experience Sampling Method in Psychopathology
May 2 & 3; November 28 & 29    , 2013
Maastricht / I. Germeys, Ph. Delespaul, T. Driesen, M. Wichers, C. Simons, T. Lataster
The Experience Sampling Method (ESM) is a momentary assessment approach designed to measure thoughts, mood, symptoms and contextual information in the flow of daily life. This course aims to give you a full overview of all aspects related to the use of the Experience Sampling Method: background, techniques, questionnaires, statistics, and implementation in your study.
I. Germeys, Ph. Delespaul, T. Driesen, T. Driesen, M. Wichers, C. Simons. T. Lataster    
45 participants    

Symposium Epigenetic Regulation in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease    
May 3rd, 2013    
Maastricht / B. Rutten, D. van den Hove, H. Steinbusch     
Topics: Epigenetics in Psychiatry, Epigenetics and Aging, Epigenetic Dysregulation and the Pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s Disease, Epigenetic Regulation in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease; a Translational Perspective.    
B. Rutten, D. van den Hove, L. Chouliaras; Invited speakers: D. Mastroeni and P. Coleman (Banner Sun Health Research Institute, L.J. Roberts Center For Alzheimer’s Research, Sun City, AZ, J. Mill (King’s College Londen, UK),     
50 participants    
0.25 ECTS

6th MHeNS Translational Workshop “Controlling Brain Function”     
May 24th, 2013
Maastricht / Y. Temel, J. Prickaerts, H. Steinbusch, N. Nicolson, N. Senden    
The aim of the workshop is to provide an up-to-date overview of innovative new methods to control brain function: not only the power and utility, but also the drawbacks and pitfalls of these techniques. In the morning sessions, experts in these new and exciting fields of brain stimulation, gene therapy and neurofeedback will present the latest findings and implications of these applications for controlling brain function. During the afternoon small groups  then present their assessments of the strenghts and weaknesses of these approaches, as a part of interactive plenary discussion.     
J. Prickaerts, Y. Temel, D. van den Hove; B. Sorger (Psychology, UM)    
18 participants    
0.5 ECTS

The second Neuroscience Master Class: New Perspectives in Alzheimer’s Disease    
May 27th, 2013     
Maastricht / P. Martinez, H. Steinbusch, W. Buurman    
Topics: Exosomes: a new class of cell signaling vesicles in Alzheimer’s disease; Ceramide transporters, the link between innate immunity, lipid metabolism and abeta aggregation in the brain; Caloric restriction in aging/AD; Associations between spingholipids and Alzheimer disease pathology in cognitively normal individuals; Biomarkers for Alzheimer disease pathology; Antibodies to label abeta pathology in vivo.    
H. Steinbusch, P. Martinez, B. Rutten, P-J Visser, J. Stevens; Invites speakers: E. Bieberich Regents University, Augusta, Georgia USA and M. Mielke, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA    
60 participants    
0.25 ECTS

Annual MHeNS Scientific Research Day    
June 6th, 2013    
Maastricht /   H. Steinbusch, MHeNS division leaders     
Annual meeting for all members of MHeNS with oral and poster presentations of the research of the three divisions.     
T. Berendschot, S. Burgmans, R. van Winkel, C. Simons, G. Hoogland, J. Stevens, P-J Visser,
I. Myin-Germeys, B. Rutten, G. de Wert (Biomedical Ethics, UM), W. Wolters (Grants Office, UM); Invited speaker: D. Anthony (University of Oxford, UK)
103 participants    
0.5 ECTS (when having a poster or oral presentation)

Summer Course on Mood, Aggression and Attraction    
July 7-12th, 2013
Universities of Maastricht and Florence / K. Schruers, E. Griez, C. Faravelli    
This course is part of the International Master in Affective Neuroscience and the Summer School of Anxiety and Depression. Http://affect-neuroscience.org    
K. Schruers, E. Griez, S. Claes (Leuven) and others     
32 participants    
4 ECTS (summer course only)

17th EURON PhD days
September 12-13th, 2013    
Université de Liège / P. Leprince, C. Cornil, A-S Parent, H. Steinbusch, N. Senden    
Annual Meeting for EURON PhD students: presentations and discussions of ongoing research by Master and PhD students via oral and poster presentations stimulating new research collaborations.
Invited speakers: S. Laureys, Université de Liège, V. Prévot, Université de Lille    
74 participants    
1 ECTS (when having a poster or oral presentation)

Workshop: New Strategies in Alzheimer Research    
November 6-8th, 2013    
San Diego USA /H. Steinbusch, B. Rutten, N. Senden     
The International Alzheimer Research Foundation (ISAO), The American Health Assistance Foundation (AHAF) in collaboration with EURON organizes this 3rd edition of the AD workshop as a satellite event of the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting. The workshop aims to provide PhD students and post-docs a recent overview of current knowledge and new directions in AD research. During this interactive master class prominent scientists and young researchers from all over the world will meet in a closed venue and will have the opportunity for in depth discussions.     
H. Steinbusch, B. Rutten, Invited speakers: C. Duyckaerts (La Salpêtrière Hospital/ICM, Paris, France), L. Grinberg (University of California, San Francisco, USA), M. Pekny (Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden), R.de Kloet ( Leiden University, NL), C. Glabe (University of California, Irvine, USA), M. Schwartz (The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel), F. LaFerla (University of California, Irvine, USA), S. D. Ginsberg (New York University, Orangeburg, USA), C. Lemere (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA), R. Jagasia (F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG, Basel, Switzerland)    
24 participants    
1,5 ECTS

7th MHeNS Translational Workshop “Blood Brain Barrier: A key player in the etiology and treatment of mental and neurological disorders”     
November 29th, 2013
Maastricht / S. Burgmans, R. van Oostenbrugge, H. van de Haar, E. Zhang, N. Nicolson, H. Steinbusch, N. Senden    
The aim of this workshop is to increase knowledge about the blood-brain barrier, with a special focus on its role in dementia, inflammation and psychopharmacological treatment approaches.
R. van Oostenbrugge, S. Burgmans, G. Hoogland, H. Schmidt (Dept. of Pharmacology, UM),
P. Namsolleck, CARIM, UM),     
20 participants    
0.5 ECTS