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EURON courses and events 2012

EURON courses and events 2012

From human neuroanatomy to psychopathology
February 6-9, Maastricht, The Netherlands
17 participants

4th MHeNS Translational Workshop "Lifelong Ageing"
March 19, Maastricht, The Netherlands
22 participants

Workshop Drugs and the Brain: an update in Psychopharmacology
April 15-20, Porto, Portugal
72 participants

Annual MHeNS Research Day
May 16 Maastricht
133 participants

2nd Dutch Huntington Symposium
June 1 Maastricht
63 participants

Conference Closing in on the Environment in Mental Health
June 14-16 Maastricht
189 participants

Summer Course on Fear and Anxiety
This course is part of the International Master in Affective Neuroscience and the Summer School on Anxiety and Depression
July 8-13, Florence, Italy
32 participants

16th EURON PhD days
Sept. 27-28, Maastricht, The Netherlands
136 participants

Workshop Experience Sampling Method in Psychopathology
Sept. 27 & 28; Nov. 29 & 30 "Maastricht
49 participants

4th Conference of the Mediterranean Neuroscience Society
Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, Istanbul, Turkey
250 participants

Workshop: Emerging concepts in Alzheimer Research
Oct. 9-12, New Orleans, USA
24 participants

5th MHeNS Translational Workshop "Approaches to study gene-environment interactions"
Nov. 28, Maastricht, The Netherlands
22 participants